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Demo gameplay from E3.Incase you missed the stream(which you probably did)

  They've said that after the initial crash landing and gathering your things that the enviroment would open up more and become less linear.Which sounds really good so don't just expect QTE and dark hallways the whole game.It is definatly a dark turn for the TR series, especially seeing that now they have an M rating they can be more flexible with their story telling.So what you guys think?
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@Agent47: they announced that they had an M rating for this one? Also this game looks amazing

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@Agent47: This is the game that I liked the most from all E3, I'm really excited about it, I've been a Tomb Raider fan for a time now so it's good to see that they're actually making Lara a real character, not just a big pair of boobs.
btw, where did you see that M rating thing? I mean by the looks of the game it sure looks like an M rated game but still, it's a tomb raider game after all.

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