Completed the game but still not at 100%

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So this weekend I sat down and finally completed Tomb Raider, and yes I mean "Completed" not "Finished". I found all the documents, relics, and GPS cahces. I also went back and completed all of the challenges. However, I did not unlock three achievements; completing the challenges, finding all the items, and getting 100% completion. Now, this was all don't AFTER completing the story.

I am (kinda) ok with not getting the achievements, but since I have found EVERYTHING and completed all the challenges, I would really like for my completion percentage to be 100%. As of right now it sits at 98%. Even though when I go through all the fast travel locations, they all say 100%. Also some of the galleries didn't unlock. Is that set behind a difficulty wall or is something else going on?

Is this something that HAS to be done prior to completing the story? Is that why the final campfire is called the "Point of No Return"? Has anyone had this happen, or know why it could be. This is on the Xbox 360 version, post patches.


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Okay, so I went home at lunch and checked into things. As most everyone was saying, Cliffside Bunker was the culprit. Just like @chaser324 said, there are a couple locations that do NOT have fast travel camps. Once I discovered where I missed the items, I had to travel from another camp to that location.

The problem is that when you have completed the game and want to mop up the rest of the items, more than likely (like me) you are going to scan all the fast travel camps and check percentages. This doesn't work because you will miss some, mainly the Cliffside Bunker.

Side note; Once I found everything I missed, both achievements popped. Also, I had to use a wallkthrough for the final "Previous Inhabitants" challenge. No way in hell would I have found that one on my own. If you've done this, you probably know the one I refer to.

Thanks for the conversation, duders. Always nice to have intelligent feedback on here.

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Maybe tied to Multiplayer in some way? I was severely bummed about the fact that I couldn't get all the steam achievements because several of them were MP focused. I tried finishing everything but I'm not entirely sure if I went through and got it all, I'll check later if I have the same problem.

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There are a few areas that don't have basecamps that I don't think appear on that map, such as the Cliffside Bunker near the Endurance. You've most likely missed something there.

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I would agree it's the Cliffside Bunker. My first go through that area I knew I had missed some flags but the statistics didn't show up on the fast travel list. Going to that area & pausing showed the goals I hadn't hit.

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I would be inclined to agree if the maps didn't all say 100% complete. It's been brought to my attention that the treasure maps could factor into it as well. However since I maxed Lara out, the Cartographer perk allows me to see maps and I am almost positive I have those as well. I'll check it out again tonight, but this has me completely stumped.

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Wow, that's really weird. I'm coming up on completion myself and I'm curious to see if this'll happen to me too. I have not upgraded Lara's cartographer thingy because I don't want everything to be visible so maybe it'll make a difference? We'll see.

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@wifipirate: You neeed to travel east of the beach camp because you don't have access to that area through fast travel. It's called cliffside bunker and you need to get there on foot and get the collectibles/challenges. Also there is a glitch where even if you find a treasure map, some of the collectibles will not show up on the map. You need to restart your game and it should be fixed.

Hope that helped.

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@vinny_says: So like @chaser324 and @greencapt said this is something that doesn't even come up in the map? I'll look for it later tonight. My plan is to restart and do the entire game again on hard, since it wasn't that difficult and now I know how everything goes. This time I will do all the challenges and such prior to the final section.

@rvone: This is the main reason why I didn't do everything till AFTER I finished the story. The challenges still don't show up on the map, you have to search those out yourself. I found all the other items as much as I could before unlocking the Cartographer.

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but since I have found EVERYTHING and completed all the challenges, I would really like for my completion percentage to be 100%. As of right now it sits at 98%.

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Cliffside Bunker. You missed something in Cliffside Bunker. Go there. It's southeast of the beach camp area (can't remember the name).

Just google 'how to get to cliffside bunker' or something.

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@wifipirate: You can complete the challenges and get to cliffside bunker without having to restart the game, just making sure you know. Good luck!

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@wifipirate said:

but since I have found EVERYTHING and completed all the challenges, I would really like for my completion percentage to be 100%. As of right now it sits at 98%.

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It sounds like a glitch. I'm pretty sure I got 100% and did everything in the single player. You have to get all the collectables, level up Lara all the way, and level up all of the weapons to get it.

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@jasonr86: That's what I'm thinking. I have done all of the above. Just weird. I guess it's getting to me because it's rare I have the time and patience to do this, and the one time I do, I don't get credit for it.

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Hey ho,

Its past many time since the game come out. I`m played it many times since it was released and finished it couple of times and all the time it was on 98%. I`m playing Tomb Raider since the first part of Lara Croft / Tomb Raider. Every game / every part of this series. I`m finished all games with all secrets and etc. And it`s a first time I DON`T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! Every time I`m playing this game I don`t go to next location without completing first one. So i collect cashes, relict`s, document, gun parts, tombs, things like sunkiller or eggs or mines on the beach and stuff like that. Even boxes with salvege. Got two documents in unknown class (that thing with "STOP" and letter about Trinity). I know map of this game like own five fingers :) but still it only on 98%. I was looking for an answers for a looong looong time.... I have bin in cliff bunker and other places with no fast travel camps, after finishing story i back and collect salvage in all places where i cant reach without granadelouncher or something like that.. Still 98%..And I still don`t get it, how to finish at 100%. Maybe someone knows the answer after year of playing? Thank You very much and sorry for my English.


All skills and etc at 100% but I still haves 2 skill points. What i missed?

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I just had this issue as well. Nice to see it wasnt a glitch!

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