Prequel Comic Pre-order Bonus

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#1 Posted by PHenry1991 (147 posts) -

There's going to be a 48-page prequel comic to the game. With a possibility for a comic series after the game is released. (Seeing how Dark Horse is going to lose the Star Wars License, They probably want something else beside a plethora of Hellboy comics.)

It's free if the game is pre-ordered from Best Buy. (You also get a 1930's adventurer outfit skin.) Doesn't say if the comic will be available for purchase elsewhere, but I'm sure it will be. Along with the skin probably.

Gotta say, I'm pretty pumped for the game. Probably since that Game informer issue from a couple of years back. I might change my pre-order from amazon to best buy for the new skin and comic(I've got a $30 dollar discount thing, as opposed to the Ten on Amazon. But I do want that Final Hours magazine from Amazon. Hmmm.)

Also a few of the Ign Commenters keep mentioning the size of her boobs. (I don't know why I feel the need to mention that. I guess maybe I think those people are dumb. I dunno.)

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#2 Posted by Humanity (16206 posts) -

I'm excited for the game but the quality of that comic is pretty poor.

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#3 Posted by PHenry1991 (147 posts) -

@Humanity: Kind of is. I'm pretty sure this thing will be inconsequential to the plot.

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#4 Posted by Humanity (16206 posts) -

@PHenry1991: That aside I'm pretty pumped to play a proper puzzle platformer in third person. Big breasts or not, Tomb Raider has come a long way from advertising such strong gameplay points of the past as "when she gets out of water her clothes are wet"

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#5 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5719 posts) -

Hmmmmmmmmm. Pre-order comics. I dunno dude. This doesn't look that great to me. It's too bad these tie-in books never have great art. Seems like you could get a pretty decent artists, since I imagine they'd have a lot of time to put it together compared to an actual book. But maybe all the great artists are just too busy working on, you know, stuff.

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@GERALTITUDE: Well, the Splint Cell Pre-order comic has some pretty good art. And it's written by a guy who knows how to write spy comics, so that should help. But back to the Tomb Raider comic, yeah it looks sort of flat, but it does just seem to be there to show that Dark Horse has the comic License now. They could've gotten a better artist though. (I think the guy doing the Star Wars comic at Dark Horse would've been the perfect fit.)

@Humanity: It feels like they're not objectifying her, which is good. That always kind of was off-putting to me. Hopefully the puzzles are good. They haven't really been showing off the "Tomb Raiding" part of the game.

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#7 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5719 posts) -

The splinter cell book is a step in the right direction. Kind of reminds me of a (very) poor man's Mazzucchelli, and much further along than TR. Didn't realize Dark Horse has the license for that series now. So is this pre-order issue 1 of a series?

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#8 Posted by PHenry1991 (147 posts) -

@GERALTITUDE: It's a prequel graphic novel. And then after the game comes out, they plan on announcing future plans for a comic series.

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