So, what do you think of the multiplayer?

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One thing that's in the back of all our minds is that it's very Uncharted like. I'm not necessarily sure if that's a good or bad thing yet... but hey, I still enjoy parkour type games. Having an uncharted type game on the PC is pretty awesome too.

I was only able to touch 45 minutes of it last night, so I can't completely judge it at the moment. Although, I do feel like there were more things that frustrated me then the things that impressed.

So, I know the multiplayer is based off the single player's gameplay completely. But... to be honest, the gun combat really doesn't fit well in a multiplayer type setting. You always put away your gun after it holding it for 5 seconds. Sure, it's a small little annoyance... until I found out blindfiring(Hipfiring) wasn't possible. The only way to shoot is to aim... which, I guess isn't a bad thing. Still, it just feels odd and kind of makes me dizzy after a while. Having to aim at someone 3 feet away isn't fun. :L

The parkour seems to work quite nice, the lobbies aren't horrible, and the weapons feel pretty ok. (Even though there is somewhat of a lack of them. 8 Primary weapons and something like 5 or 6 secondary weapons?...) The traps are a nice touch too. It's small... but sweet. I have to say though, I find the character selection menu to be... silly. It's just a bunch of people in the middle of a swamp, frozen in time, making the craziest poses!

In conclusion, what matters most is the player's opinion. They're the ones who will keep the game alive after all. What do you guys think?

Taekwondo lessons are in session.
Taekwondo lessons are in session.
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Looks like absolutely no one touched it yet. haha

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I played it for a little on the 360, the framerate was horrible. As soon as I started shooting it dipped to single digits. Thought they would have fixed it in that patch.

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I haven't touched it yet and I don't plan to. I'm pretty much done with multiplayer shooters at this point.

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It's alright. I've been playing too much Warframe and Mass Effect 3 mp lately, and they probably could have gotten away with the control systems of single player in some sort of PvE. Or a Contracts mode a la Absolution. Or a Mercenaries mode.

Or maybe they should have just focused their efforts solely on the campaign.

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You basically said it in the first sentence. Sums it up perfectly. It's a poor man's Uncharted. It's exactly Uncharted MP except it doesn't feel as good to play, the maps aren't as good and the menus aren't as good.

Seems exactly like the thing where they were forced to put it in and their main focus was the singleplayer. Whether that's true or not; it feels that way.

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It's alright. I've been playing too much Warframe and Mass Effect 3 mp lately, and they probably could have gotten away with the control systems of single player in some sort of PvE. Or a Contracts mode a la Absolution. Or a Mercenaries mode.

Or maybe they should have just focused their efforts solely on the campaign.

Crystal Dynamics did focus solely on the campaign. Another developer did the multiplayer. Which I think was Eidos Montreal, the devs of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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I don't pay for Xbox Live anymore so I can't but I don't feel like I'm missing much. The campaign is fantastic enough to keep me occupied for awhile.

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Frame rate kills it for me.

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Broken V-Sync and horrible framerate companied with campers with miniguns, yeah i think ill pass the multiplayer.

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I started multiplayer first, had no idea what was going on, ran around for a bit, killed some people. Game ended, got an achievement that I don't know how I got and quietly left multiplayer for the rest of eternity. It sucks.

Why no game manuals anymore :sheds tear:

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It's servicable and the traps are a nice touch but the fact that you can dominate with the insta kill bow and other small nuances really hold it back.

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I played it and it was fun for a few days. I got the achievements for winning every match type and doing specific things in matches so that was cool. I always enjoy the objective modes more since it forces people to move around and work together and I thought the battery and medical supplies thing was pretty good.

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It's okay, I guess. I had some fun in the limited time I played multi but it sort of feels half-baked. The weapon tuning and actual control is fine for single-player but feels messy and imprecise in a multiplayer setting.

I don't really have anything too negative to say other than I'm pretty bummed that there are multiplayer achievements. Hey, maybe you could have made some more tombs to explore instead of wasting your time on multi, guys.

Spec Ops: The Line did tacked-on multiplayer right. No achievements tied to it, obviously included to check a box on the features list, don't have to even remember it exists after completing the game.

EDIT: I guess that was pretty negative.

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Hey, maybe you could have made some more tombs to explore instead of wasting your time on multi, guys.

I agree with your sentiments however it was a different development team and different studio that did multiplayer.

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It was okay. Single player campaign is what i liked the most in the game and the reason why i bought this game.

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If it's a shooter and isn't Call of Duty, Battlefield or Halo, don't bother touching the multiplayer.

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I had some fun with it. I got to about level 24 before I had my fill. I enjoyed using the traps but I agree with what others have been saying about it. None of the maps really look that good and the frame rate really takes a dip. The melee system is also pretty bad.

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MP seems ok but nothing great. Reminds me of the Far Cry 3 MP. Single player has great locations, but the MP just gives you an arena. Also I don't know if it is the frame rate, but it feels like a different game to the single player.Seeing a bunch of weird glitches.

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I think it is bad. I don't want to be the island people that tried to kill Laura and co. No thanks. Also seeing whitman killing fools is just wrong. That dude would be cowering in fear. What I am getting at is that it is thrown together with no regards to the tone of the game. What I do like is that in order to play Laura you must become max level. So if someone is here, changes are they are good.

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I thought it was ok but completely forgettable at the same time if that makes any sense. I think the maps are too small and you only spawn at one point so its easy to just camp in front of the spawn point and kill the other team as they come out. If they wanted to do a mp mode, they should have much bigger maps with different spawn points so you can't camp and pick off the other team . And they also need to rebalance the weapons. It makes sense why those weapons are so powerful in sp but makes no sense why their so powerful in mp. The bow is really op. You can one shot someone with the thing and you don't even need to get a headshot with it. The shotgun pretty powerful as well. I think it the main problem with it is that it just feels tacked on and no time went into making sure the mp was good.

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