i think my tr save file is corrupted??

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So I'm about half way through and i go to load up my game and it just stays on the loading screen, it doesn't freeze just eternally loads. Ive tried everything reinstalling game data, seeing if other discs are working which they are. this has happened continually about 6 times now. I've also started a new game in a different save slot and that seems to work fine. I've never had this happen before with any other game does any one have any ideas of anything i could do please? (ps3 btw)

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Yeah i think its corrupted, and you might have to start a new game on a different slot. I found this thread on the official Eidos boards, and it seems other people have been facing similar issues with their save files. Here is the link to the board if you need it.

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@donfonzie: thanks for that, what a shame i was enjoying the game until this :(

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