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    The pink-haired protagonist from the Tomba! series who fights against the Evil Pigs and other monsters.

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    Tomba is the hero of the Tomba! franchise. He twice prevented the Evil Pig dominance over the peoples of his world. In Europe he is known as Tombi which is the game's release name as well.

    Through out the games, Tomba has mastered several weapons and grapling gizmos, learned how to cook, collected several special outfits and pants, saved a few villages, traveled inside volcanoes and jungles, defeated the evil master pigs, and saved his girlfriend in the process. He never speaks, except for a few groans.


    Even though Tomba is a child, he has shown to be a very brave person. It doesn't how much danger his friends are in, he will always jump at the chance to help them. Even though he doesn't speak, his friends know that he cares about them and is willing to do anything to help them.


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