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    Tomena Sanner

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 23, 2009

    Players control a breakdancing salesman in this game for the Wii Shop and iOS devices.

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    Tomena Sanner is a game by "one button wai wai action" and published by Konami for the iPhone and Nintendo's WiiWare service. In the game the player has to guide a breakdancing salesman past various obstacles by correctly timed button presses.


    General Gameplay

    In Tomena Sanner the goal is to guide a break dancing businessman to the end of 10 levels in various modes. In order to do this the player will have to press the action button just before hitting an obstacle. If the player hits the action button with a small space remaining between the character and the object, the salesman will execute a move to counter the obstacle. However if the player presses the action button just next to the obstacle the businessman will perform another move that passes the obstacle faster and an additional 2 seconds is added to the overall timer. Whenever the player pulls off a "great" move by hitting the action button at the right time the businessman will also speed up to the right side of the screen. If the player bumps into an obstacle the player will lose speed and move gradually to the left of the screen risking losing the game if the salary man is too slow to keep up with the moving screen. If the player happens to press the action button when there is no obstacle the businessman will either jump if there are coins nearby or roll when there are no coins. It is possible to do a quadruple jump in the air to reach higher situated coins and pass obstacles without gaining points for them.

    Party Time!

    When the player manages to reach the end of the level before the timer runs out a break dancing minigame plays allowing the player to rake up some extra points by pressing the action button as indicated on screen.


    Various power-ups that are found throughout the game are kept in colored balloons. The power ups in the game are:

    • Speed Up
    • Speed Down
    • Time Increase
    • Small Size
    • Big Size


    There are various secret moves and locations scattered throughout the game.


    There is only one button needed to play Tomena Sanner, for the sake of choice both the A and B button can be used.


    Normal mode

    The player plays through an enormous campaign mode that takes them to many different locations throughout the universe.

    Turbo mode

    Just like in normal mode the player plays through all the levels reaching the end of a level to unlock the next one however the speed of the game is significantly increased compared to normal mode making it quite a bit harder to press the action button at the correct time.


    • 1-1

    The first level in Tomene Sanner lets the player dance around on the streets of a modern day Japanese metropolis.

    • 1-2

    Our hero has warped through time, back into the time of dinosaurs. Break dance with cavemen and ski jump off of T-Rex's backs to pass this level.

    • 1-3

    The champion breakdancer has managed to go to space. Do the moonwalk while breakdancing with aliens to get passed this level.

    • 2-1

    The god of the dance floor has now traveled to medieval Japan. Watch out for ninjas and bow to the sensei to move on to the next stage.

    • 2-2

    The red-tied adventurer is now in "The Streets". Tell some Yo Momma jokes and pull off a slam dunk.

    • 2-3

    Our groovy protagonist has now traveled to the funky future! Launch robots and hop-scotch to get to the next level.

    • 3-1

    The daredevil of disco is now in an urban environment. Play "paper, rock, scissors" with a teddy bear and send the mail to the next level.

    • 3-2

    Our graceful wanderer has now moved on to the deserts of Mexico. Dance with Elvis in order to survive.

    • 3-3

    The legendary hero has now entered the pits of hell. Crowd surf on some Egyptians and knock over zombies to win the game.

    • Endless mode

    Endless mode is a string of all the levels in order in which end as soon as the player dies, the timer resets at the start of every level however.


    Both local and world wide online leaderboards are supported for all the levels including the "endless" level in both normal and turbo mode.


    It is possible to play Tomena Sannar with up to 4 players in simultaneous local split-screen. In the multiplayer mode all the players will be running on the same track with their own timers and every obstacle can only be used once forcing the players to stay ahead of the pack. If ever a player drops out of the screen or his/her timer runs out it is game over for that player.


    In multiplayer mode various multiplayer specific power ups appear in the levels.



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