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    Tommy Tallarico

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    One of the most well known American video game music composers, Tommy Tallarico is the man behind the music in numerous titles including Advent Rising and Earthworm Jim. Currently he is working on Video Games Live, a traveling video game musical performance with composer Jack Wall.

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    With his numerous contributions to the gaming industry, Tommy Tallarico has more than earned the right to be called an icon. Tallarico is one of the most accomplished video game composers in ; his name is credited in over 250 titles. Some of the most well known games Tommy scored are Color a Dinosaur, Earthworm Jim, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and Advent Rising. Proving that he’s more than just a composer Tallarico has worked in the industry as a product manager, designer, producer, writer, and games tester.

    Video Games Industry Start

    Tommy Tallarico has a particularly interesting story about how he got his start in the games industry. When he was 21 he decided to move from his parent’s home so he could find a career in the music industry. When he arrived in , Tommy was surprised to find the city wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed on T.V. Tommy had nothing. He was homeless with no money and was sleeping under a pier. Desperate for work, Tommy found a job in the newspaper: selling keyboards. On the very first day a producer for a new company, Virgin Mastertronic, noticed Tommy’s Turbographix-16 shirt and asked him if he wanted a job. He was hired as a games tester, but would bug the vice president to let him work on music for their games. His first chance to create music for a game came with Prince of Persia for the Gameboy. Tommy worked as a producer and tester for Prince of Persia but he also did all of the music on it for free in his spare time. The vice president of Virgin was so impressed he hired Tommy to create music full time. The rest is history.

    Television Work

    Tommy Tallarico has also appeared on the video game information and review show, Electric Playground and its subsequent review spin-off, Reviews on the Run(A.K.A. Judgement Day ), with co-host Victor Lucas. He has also appeared in 3 "Console Warz" skits produced by Mega64.


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