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Tomodachi Life 0

What is it?The Island as it startsTomodachi Life is a very strange crossbreed of The Sims and Animal Crossing wherein you are god and have to deal with an island full of Mii's who have problems that need solving and their free will can only do so much.The whole farStoryBasically there isn't a story...or nothing that I would say actually counts as narrative. You start the game, create yourself in your image and then forever forward you are know as "blahs" look-a-like. You exist to solve ...

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As Repetitive As Real Life 0

Given that tomodachi is the Japanese for “friend”, this game has a bit of a misleading title, given that it’s less about friendship and more just about Miis trying to get it on. In fact tell a Mii that they should just be friends with another and they get really bummed out.The initial premise of the game is that you take ownership of an island and hotel, but quickly get bored and wish you had more friends to play with. So then begins the task of filling up your hotel with Miis,...

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Initially very fun, but... 0

This is one of those games you can pick up after not playing for a while and get hooked to it. There is a lot of things to do in the game and the dialogue is funny.Over time the problems get repetitive and you suddenly run out of things to accomplish and do in the game, so after a while you start to get bored and stop playing it.When you pick up the game again, however, it becomes fun and it's like the first time you've played it.If the game got constant updates that added more into the game to ...

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