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    Tongue of the Fatman

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released 1989

    Also known as "Mondu's Fight Palace" and "Slaughter Sport", Tongue of the Fatman is an early fighting game pitting champions of numerous alien races against eachother in gladiatorial combat.

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    Tongue of the Fatman (known in Europe as Mondu's Fight Palace) is a 2D comedic sci-fi fighting game developed and published by Activision for the PC (running MS-DOS) in 1989. It was ported to the Commodore 64 (with the Mondu's Fight Palace name) in 1990.

    Set in far-future 2550, the game follows a challenger in an inter-galactic gladiatorial combat arena led by Mondu the Fat (the titular "fatman"). Prior to fighting, players are able to place additional wagers on themselves to increase their fight purse, which can also be used to purchase weapons and upgrades.

    The game was later ported to the Sega Mega Drive in Japan on December 12, 1990. Published by Sanritsu as FATMAN, this port alters both the game roster and the money mechanic (scrapping the "wager" system). It was later published in North America by RazorSoft in 1991 under the name Slaughter Sport.



    The original game includes the ten following playable characters:

    • Rex (Humanoid)
    • Rubic (CyberDroid)
    • Freezer (Cryoplast)
    • Edwina (Amazoid)
    • Stump (Bi-Husker)
    • Slasher (Rayzor)
    • Behemoth (Mammath)
    • Puff Boy (Puftian)
    • Colonoid (Colonoid)
    • Mondu (Celluloid, final boss)

    The single-player mode progression follows the above list in order.


    The Genesis version of the game features a different 17-fighter roster (eight of which are palette swaps):

    • Rex / M.C. Fire
    • Edwina / Sheba
    • Guano / Weezil
    • Bonapart / Skinny
    • Robochic / Braniac
    • Stump / Buff
    • Ramses / El Toro
    • Webra / Spidra
    • Mondu (final boss)

    Only Rex, Edwina, Stump, and Mondu are present in both versions of the game.

    In single-player mode, players begin as Rex (or as another fighter through cheat codes) and must take on each of the 8 standard fighters (including their mutant clone) twice, with the second set being the more difficult palette swaps. Afterwards, they must fight the game's main antagonist: Mondu the Fat.


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