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Tonic Trouble is based on the Rayman series; it is a traditional 3D platformer. Released August 31 1999, and released on the N64, PC and GBC. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, RFX Interactive (GBC version), published and distributed by Ubisoft.


The premise of the story is that Ed the main protagonist finds a weird liquid substance which in turn he decides to drink, but it tastes terrible. So Ed throws the strange liquid away, after which it manages to come to earth where it is stumbled upon by a man named Grögh.

Grögh comes to enjoy the power (making man made or organic objects come to life) of this strange substance. Ed’s superiors find out about this and order Ed to travel to earth and bring back the substance with the help of a scientist and his daughter, Doc and Suzie. Ed eventually navigates his way to Grögh’s castle where he defeats him and obtains the substance.


Tonic Trouble is similar to the Rayman series, where you travel around levels eventually concluding with a boss battle after which the level concludes. Control mechanics for Tonic Trouble a poorly designed as well as the game itself, for the reason that it was ported from the PC to the N64 which led to poor rendering during gameplay and cut scenes.


  • Agent Ed : Ed is an alien; good but a little bit stupid. He has to repair his disaster. He is voiced by David Gasman.
  • Suzy : She is the daughter of the Doc and Ed's girlfriend. She is helping Ed in his adventure.
  • The Doc : Once free, the Doc helps Ed to go to Grögh's Castle to get his can back by inventing a machine.
  • Grögh : Grögh is the main antagonist of the game, he is now the master around the world and Ed must stop his reign.
  • Agent Xyz : Another character who helps Ed; this is a newspaper guy who explains to Ed how to get through his adventure.


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