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    Tony Almeida

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    Tony Almeida is a playable character in 24: The Game, an ally to Jack Bauer, and a character from all seasons of the 24 television series.

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    Temporary employee, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
    Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) *

    Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
    Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU)

    Deputy Director, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
    Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU)

    Systems Validation Analyst
    Transmeta Corporation

    *position granted by Secretary Heller


    Certified Instructor
    Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat defense


    Master of Science
    Computer Science Stanford University Stanford, CA

    Combined Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Computer Science
    San Diego State University San Diego, CA


    First Lieutenant
    U.S. Marine Corps

    Scout Sniper School
    (3rd Marine Division)

    Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon School
    (1st Marine Division)


    Divorced from Michelle Dessler (CTU employee)

    Discharged by CTU for criminal act.
    Pardoned by President Palmer.

    Tony Almeida is the good soldier. A dedicated CTU agent and supervisor, who has suffered and overcome the hardships that come with holding a position such as his. He has butted heads with Jack Bauer's methods in the past, but both mutually respect one another and are good friends. He follows the rules as best he can, but if push comes to shove he's not above taking drastic measures in order to get results. He met, married, eventually divorced, and then reconciled with Michelle Dessler, a fellow CTU agent. Unfortunately, after they reconciled, Michelle was killed by a terrorist bomb meant to flush out a presumed dead Jack Bauer. Tony is also now presumed dead after being stabbed in the heart while trying to avenge Michelle's death.

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