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I'm having a real urge to go back and play some Tony Hawk... but since i stopped playing after the 4th game, i have no real idea which game to get? I'm looking at project 8 and Proving grounds, but they look pretty much the same to me.

Any tips on which to get?

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neither because they're terrible. Go back to Tony Hawk when it was decent...go play TH Pro Skater 3, the best one in the series. After that, its just played out as hell. Reason why Skate embarassed the last Tony hawk game easily.

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Serious question: Have you tried the Skate series? I can't honestly recommend any new TH game when you can play Skate 2 instead, but if you only want to play TH...I'd recommend Project 8 over Proving Grounds.

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Yeah, i played the hell out of Skate 1, but it's vastly different from the TH series, and even tho i'm gonna get Skate 2, thats not really what i'd like to play. I could really go for some stupid over the top skating.

[Edit] As far as i can tell... Project 8 is the better option. i don't like the Rigger idea in PG at all...  And it should be stupid cheap by now :)

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