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    Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 24, 2006

    Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam moves away from the flat free skate maps and instead focuses on speed and beating your opponents to the bottom of the map.

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    Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam is a spin-off from the main Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. It focuses primarily on racing and as a result the trick system has been extremely simplified.


    Multiplayer features several modes:
    • Random Play
    • Race
    • Score Run
    • Elimination Race
    • Elimination Skate
    • Air Time
    • Grind Distance
    • Price is Wrong
    • Jam Style
    • Combo Mambo
    • Endurance Score

    Co-op (2 players)

    • Team Marks
    • Team Jam Style
    • Team Score
    • Proximity Score
    • Team Air Time
    • Proximity Air Time
    • Team Grind Distance
    • Proximity Grind Distance
    • Team Time Trial
    • Proximity Time Trial


    • Anti Flag - "Press Corpse"
    • Bad Brains - "Don't Bother Me"
    • Charizma - "Here's a Smirk"
    • Damone - "Out Here All Night"
    • Dead To Me - "By the Throat"
    • Descendents - "Myage"
    • Escape the Fate - "Reverse This Curse"
    • Excel - "Drive"
    • Good Riddance - "Texas
    • Iron Maiden - "Different World"
    • Jadox - "Cause and Effect"
    • Lagwagon - "Heartbreaking Music"
    • Left Alone - "Dead American Radio"
    • Lupe Fiasco - "Kick, Push"
    • Ministry - "Palestina"
    • Motorhead - "Motorhead"
    • OSI - "OSI"
    • Photo Atlas - "Handshake Heart Attack"
    • Priestess - "No real Pain"
    • Prototype - "Synthespain"
    • Public Enemy - "She Watch Channel Zero?!"
    • Razed in Black - "Visions"
    • Sahara Hotnights - "Hot Night Crash"
    • Shadows Fall - "In Effigy"
    • Sol Asunder - "Mislead"
    • Stellastarr* - "Jenny"
    • Strike Anywhere - "The Promise"
    • The Autumn Offering - "Embrace The Gutter"
    • The Bouncing Souls - "The Gold Song"
    • The Bronx - "Oceans Of Class"
    • The Dirty Heads - "Morning Light"
    • The Futureheads - "Yes/No"
    • The Loved Ones - "Suture Self"
    • The Golden Gods - "Even I don't Know"
    • The One & Only Typicals - "Accelerator"
    • theSTART - "Shakedown"
    • Thursday - "At This Velocity"
    • Time Again - "Broken Bodies"
    • White Human - "More Human than Human"
    • Wildchild - "Code Red"


    The game recieved from average to moderate reviews depending on the version you played. The game was praised for it's large amount of customization and it's online modes. Reviews also commented on how the series still manages to be a decent one while changing the format from a trick heavy game to being primarily focuses on speed and racing.

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