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This game is amazing

Great Gameplay
Good Graphics
Great Level Design
Huge Levels
Amazing Create-a-Skater Ok Soundtrack
Custom Sounds
Great Online
Online Community is Great

Short Story
Soundtrack Could Be Better

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam for the Nintendo DS is a very good game.
The gameplay is very good. (name a Tony Hawk game that it isn't) It feels like the console games. World Tour (Story Mode) is good but, its very short. I got threw it in about 3 hours. There is a "Jam Session" mode that is like Classic Mode in past games. The level design is very good and the levels are huge. The Create-a-Skater feature in this game is amazing. (apart from the head) You are able to make your own shirts, pants, and skateboards by drawing them with the stylus. The graphics are very impressive. The soundtrack in the game is good. (not great) there is songs from Motorhead and Damone which is always good. You can create your own special, gap, and bail sounds. You are able to play the game via Nintendo's WiFi Connection and with the DS's wireless functionality (you need two game cards) Wifi is amazing and your able to play many game types online. Games like race, score, and style. (there are many more) The game's online community is great (go to Your able to download new shirts, pants, and skateboards from other people! You are also able to download new goals that update about every week. Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. is a superb game that if you a fan of the series and you own a DS you need to pick up.

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