Am I the only one that finds wallrides near impossible?

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#1 Posted by Tobiass (160 posts) -

I just can't do them in this game. I tried Tony Hawk 2x and I can do them with ease.

Am I the only one ?

Also, they should of really added an option to change the tightness of the trucks. The turning is wayyyy too lose in this game

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#2 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (5953 posts) -


Near impossible is a bit of a stretch, but the wallride the bells goal in School 2 was kind of a pain when I first attempted it. Now that I've played the game quite a bit more, I almost never miss a wall ride. The bells goal can still be a bit of a pain though.

And in case you're wondering, I'm playing with a standard controller. I'm also using the analog, not the d-pad.

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#3 Posted by mcbrid55 (36 posts) -

@Tobiass: The physics are def a little wonky and the wall ride could have been made a lot easier. Maybe they wanted it to be difficult to make it feel like the old games?

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#4 Posted by Jeff (5579 posts) -

I always felt like wallrides got harder to line up as you pumped up the speed and other stats of your skater. That, at least, feels like a carryover from the original games.


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