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I think it would be a great idea if they put all the levels from pro skater 1-4, yes it would take sometime to edit the levels to make them HD but it would be awesome, I would imagine that tony hawk gamer fans were somewhat dissapointed to see a couple of there levels were not on there that they use to love. I know I was levels like roswell and bull ring. All levels from 1-4 would be 37 levels. And maybe put in the under ground 1&2 levels on there too which would be 60 levels (appox) What does everyone else think

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Activision has already announced Tony Hawk 3 levels as DLC for 400 MS. Those will add reverts to combo chains.

The game has sold pretty well, so more is probably coming.

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Well thats good news more levels the better

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All I need is Rio. I used to rule on that level. Grinding circles all day.

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Who wouldn't hold back content to milk some more $$$?

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after playing proving ground i can honestly say this game is lacking gaemplay polish

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@Tobiass said:

after playing proving ground i can honestly say this game is lacking gaemplay polish

Are you saying that 'it's not quite up to snuff with Proving Ground' or 'it's so bad it's even worse than Proving Ground'?

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I've only played the demo and for me it just didn't feel like I remember Tony Hawk games feeling. Add to that a lack of levels and Activision's plan to add a few more at 400MSP a pop and I couldn't justify purchasing it over dusting off my old PS2 and playing the original versions of 1 & 2.

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