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Post the best gear you've found or bought since playing.

The best item I bought was for my Level 37 Cybernetic Champion. I was able to buy it from Tyr's workshop at level 28 some how :O
I have been using it since up to level 37..! I have yet to find anything better.. But I'm sure I will very soon when i get close to 50!


LVL 29 The Burning Blade at World's Edge (RED)
Damage 1425 (944+51%)  Align Cybernetic
Value 37594  Class None
State 2921/3000
Ruiner      Shield of the Frost-King
2-Handed Damage +7%
2-Handed Damage +7%                 Two Handed

Strength +29%                                 
Thermal Induction Pulse +6%

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