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I know there will be co-op over live, but will you be able to play offline co-op? My only friend who's buying it and I can't seem to play games over live together so we'd like to play it together some time.

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I don't think there is local multiplayer, but I could be wrong. Why can't you play over Live? That's bizarre.

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It's only co-op over Live.  I've had that same problem with one of my friends too.  It has to do with having a restricted NAT.  I can't get mine to be "open" but my friend was able to mess around with his and then we were able to play.  You should look into that if you want to play co-op Too Human.

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Same machine Co-op would be pretty tough since most people are already complaining about the camera.  Add a second person and you'd have to zoom out to a crazy distance to be able to see everything.

I concur with the other posters, have him possibly update his router's firmware or even put the IP address the xbox grabs on the DMZ.

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Infortunatley no there is no offline co-op, as RCW said people are already complaining about the camera and this is one of the main things with people against this game.

Online co-op will be brilliant though!!!

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The only multiplayer in this game is online co-op no offline. 

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