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i have full lvl 50 berserker armor(human) and  almost all the weps on armory wall.. and some that arnt including thors hammer and also the blue light sword thingy... i am looking for human lvl 50 defender set i have the wepon already and also lvl 50 human commando. my gamertag for xbox live is slpntfan so if you have or are interested in anything i want or need  plz add me on xbox i can duplicate any of my armor(i wont accept  money ill just dup for free) but if you need i will pay mony i have over 1.2b int the game so money isnt a problem.

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What the crap? The small amount of me that somewhat understands what that text meant is killing itself. The rest just exploded.

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And I'd wipe the Agnogenic off my face, if my head hadn't folded itself into an origami crane.

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Why would you play that game through more than once? I am puzzled. Then again My favorite game is ninety nine nights. So who am I to judge?

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i think its a fun game and i really enjoy it. im juts looking for the epic items now i need them for my defender and so i assume that none of
you have it so thanks anyways

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