That weird purple stuff in cyberspace

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Yeah i forgot what its called. But when you first encounter it one of the norms tell's its some evil force or something taking over cyberspace and if you clear it out you will get extra loot. Ok sounds great but how the hell do you get rid of the stuff? they never quite explained that and i could never firgure it out.

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#2 Posted by kyman (26 posts) -

you can't do it until later in the game when you get the ability to make fire in cyberspace, then you can

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#3 Posted by Jackel2072 (2510 posts) -

ahhh thank you!

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#4 Posted by Giantkitty (869 posts) -

Try some Sunny D on it.

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#5 Posted by Duffman (205 posts) -

Yeah, you get fire towards the end, and after you beat the game you can go back through with all of the cyberspace powers (and your equipment).

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#6 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

It's never really explained, but as previously stated you get it practically at the end of the game. Just know that it never leads to any story just lets you get to a few out-of-reach "chests".

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