The Too Human Trading Post

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#1 Posted by Pleasureizmine (2188 posts) -

I am in need of HUMAN EPIC zerker gear, have lots of bounty and about 8 epic charms for trade

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#2 Posted by BiggerBomb (7011 posts) -

I don't care about Too Human but your username is awesome and so is your icon.

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#3 Posted by hemoglobin (12 posts) -

um my friend lestat1989 has the whole human set and he doesnt play anymore so he might be willing ARCH ANG3L v3

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#4 Posted by pyromaniac (1757 posts) -

How much bounty do you have?....also Octa cat makes me lol every time I see it :)

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#5 Posted by ColMustard (411 posts) -

I have a pretty awesome chest peice, human style I accidentaly bought (Im cyber) Its epic quality (red) and Im pretty sure its 150+ power.  Im colmustard78, if you want it. just messege me so I know what your looking for.

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#6 Edited by skorge123 (2 posts) -

i know its sorta nooby but need sum good lvl 23-umm like 27 dual weilds human lol... gt is bigdogmc or sum savagery runes thats give duel wield bonus or strenght runes

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#7 Edited by jakob187 (22932 posts) -

People DO actually play this game?  Hrmm...didn't see that one coming.  I wanted to get into it after how much I loved the demo, but then I rented it and found out that the demo was basically the game.  Made me sad.

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