Too Human's issues remind me of Shadowrun...

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#1 Posted by CharleyTony (1022 posts) -

A game that sparks crazy reactions on forums before it even ships.
A game that people either love or completely hate.
A game that tries to do some things different with mixed results.

Yeah, Too Human really reminds me of Shadowrun (Xbox 360).

Clunky animations, "weird" design choices, the list could go on and on ....

I liked Shadowrun so this is not me complaining about Too Human, quite the contrary.

Shadowrun would have been a hit if it did a couple of things different. But it seem like it's fate was sealed even before it shipped. Design decisions polarized gamers about it.
Simple things like "having a single player campaign" completely turned off a lot of people. Strangely, almost everyone that I know who bought the game liked it and keeps playing it online nowadays while at the same time you can see the game sit on store shelves with a 15 or 20 $ price tag and nobody even looks at the box ...

what do you think about Too Human and its possible resemblance to Shadowrun's fate ...

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#2 Posted by Lepuke (343 posts) -

But you see, Shadowrun was different. The Shadowrun world/setting already had an established fan base. A group of mostly old school gamers and or very hardcore RPG fans. (and by hardcore I mean Pen and Paper RPG hardcore)
So of course anyone who already knew what Shadowrun was was naturally expecting a RPG upon it's announcement.
The devoloper took the an established setting re-wrote it's history, left a bunch of stuff out and chose to make a first person shooter game instead.
A market so flooded with titles at the time of the new Shadworun incarnations announcement it was painful.
Thats why Shadowrun got trashed so hard even before its release. Because the fans wanted an RPG, and also because at the time the RPG market was extremely thin on next gen systems. Even as a mediocre RPG Shadowrun would not have flopped as hard as the FPS did.
The sad thing is it was a really good FPS, but as I said above the market was flooded with high profile titles in that type of game already, so not only did that screw sales, but the fans of Shadowrun also caused so much negativity the game didn't have a chance in hell.

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#3 Posted by Keyser_Soze (1195 posts) -

Shadowruns biggest problem was that it was unfinished, there just wasn't enough "game" there to charge $60. What there was, was great, heck I play it even today, but it has no single player, and lack of modes and maps online.

Too Human is just mediocre with glitches galore. And it's a flop.

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#4 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (5040 posts) -

the biggest problem with shadowrun was that it was $60, had 1 game mode (and 3 variants of ita) and 9 maps.

Good game at it's current $15 price, but not at $60

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#5 Posted by Rowr (5861 posts) -

I never even looked at shadowrun. At some point i saw elves and went wtf?

elves in a fps, not for me.
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#6 Posted by CharleyTony (1022 posts) -

the lack of maps, weapons, tech, magic,  character races and game variants could have ben taken care of if the game sold and they made DLC/

I still think that at 20 $ or less this is a must buy...

Still a lot of online players, for an old game that flopped...

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