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    Top Gear Rally

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released October 1997

    Kemco's racing game series comes to the Nintendo 64, now with more-realistic rally car racing!

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    Top Gear Rally, not to be confused with the 2003 handheld game of the same name, is a 3D rally car racing game developed by Boss Game Studios and published by Kemco (along with Midway in North America and The Games Ltd. in Europe) for the Nintendo 64 in late 1997. It was later ported to Windows PCs as Boss Rally, which was released by SouthPeak in North America on April 30, 1999.

    The first 3D entry in the Top Gear series, and the first not to be developed by Gremlin, Top Gear Rally brings a more realistic take on racing and focuses on both on-road and off-road racing in rally cars. It features an accurate car physics engine, allowing multiple combinations of suspension, brakes, and handling, and includes a built-in editor for players to freely customize their car's paint job.

    While this is the only entry in the series to be developed by Boss Game Studios, they later developed two spiritual successors: World Driver Championship and Stunt Racer 64. While the Top Gear series received multiple arcade-style entries after Rally, Kemco released a successor to Rally, known as Top Gear Rally 2, that builds on its simulation and rally-racing elements.


    Along with the car itself, players can choose from different Handling, Transmission, Tires, Suspension, and Decal styles. Throughout the game, new cars can be unlocked, each with improved stats:

    First Season:

    • Type-ES (6-Speed, 4WD, Front-Engine)
    • Type-LD (5-Speed, 4WD, Front-Engine)

    After First Season:

    • Type-CE (5-Speed, 4WD, Front-Engine)
    • Type-IP (5-Speed, 4WD, Front-Engine)

    After Second Season:

    • Type-M3 (6-Speed, RWD, Front-Engine)
    • Type-SP (5-Speed, RWD, Front-Engine)

    After Third Season:

    • Type-NS (6-Speed, 4WD, Front-Engine)
    • Type-RS (6-Speed, 4WD, Mid-Engine)

    Reaching Fifth Season:

    • Type-PS (6-Speed, 4WD, Rear-Engine)

    Bonus Hidden Cars:

    • Beach Ball (6-Speed, RWD, Front-Engine)
    • Cupra (6-Speed, RWD, Front-Engine)
    • Helmet (6-Speed, RWD, Front-Engine)
    • Milk Truck (6-Speed, RWD, Front-Engine)


    While there are only five tracks in the game, they have different weather conditions to choose from (Sunny, Night, Fog, Rain, and Snow). Only four of these tracks are available at the start, with the remaining track, Strip Mine, only available after winning all 21 races in Championship mode.

    • Coastline
    • Desert
    • Jungle
    • Mountain
    • Strip Mine (unlockable)

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