Top Gear Rally

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released October 1997

    Top Gear comes to the N64.

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    Top Gear Rally is a racing game developed by Boss Game Studios and published by Midway and Kemco (in the US), The Games Ltd. (in the UK), and Kotobuki System Co. (in Japan) for the Nintendo 64.

    The Game Boy Advance version of the game was developed by Tantalus Interactive and published by Kotobuki System.

    Top Gear Rally was Boss Games' attempt to bring the successful Top Gear franchise of the SNES over to the N64. This entry in the series was slower than many other racing games on the N64 at the time, instead of overcoming a pack of cars your car would often just pass a single car at a time. There were only five courses in the game but they each had various seasons and times of day that would change the look of the environment. Courses would unlock as you progressed through the game; Island, Jungle, Desert and Mountain, with a fifth Industrial area course unlocked at the end of the championship. Playing further years of the championship would unlock mirrored courses and non-standard weather conditions for each course. The game also featured a paint shop where you could paint your car however you wanted.


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