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Top Gun: Combat Zones is an arcade flight simulator that let you fly real life planes over real world locations, shooting down bogies and destroying targets. The game was first released on PS2 before being ported to the GameCube.  


The game takes place over 30 levels and has you completing different objectives. One mission will have you dogfighting against a certain number of enemies while others will have you taking out AAA guns. All the missions take place in real life locales and have you fighting with real planes. 
By completing missions and doing certain things, you score points and earn medals. The medals let you unlock new planes and even a helicopter. The rest of the planes are automatically unlocked after completing missions. To earn a gold medal, you must score a certain number of points. You earn points in four different categories: First Blood, Damage Avoidance, Accuracy and Time Remaining. 


Each plane comes with cannons and four different kinds of weapons: 

Air-To-Air Missiles (A2A)

They lock on to enemy aircrafts when you pass your cursor over them, fire and that's one less enemy to worry about. 

Air-To-Ground Missiles (A2G)

  They work like the A2A missiles except they only work on ground targets like tanks or AAA guns. 


They don't lock on to enemies but can be used on any enemies and even buildings. 


They can be used to destroy enemy bases in one shot. When you fire them, an aiming reticle appears on the ground and the camera pans over you aircraft for a better view. 
Being an aircraft simulator, using the cannons demands a certain amount of skill if you want to hit an enemy. The game uses the rule of lead pursuit: to hit an enemy, you must not aim where he is, but rather where you think he's gonna be. 
Your jet fighter is an agile craft and can do a variety of moves. You can use your afterburners to your advantage to boost and to avoid enemy fires. The game is realistic to the point where boosting slightly towards the ground will make you go faster, thanks to gravity. 
You can do different moves to dodge enemy fires like jinks, half rolls, barrel rolls and air brakes.

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