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    Top Skater

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1997

    Top Skater is a virtual skateboarding arcade game that was released in 1997 by Sega. It was controlled by standing on a skateboard peripheral and moving the board with your body movement.

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    Top Skater is a skateboard simulator arcade game that featured a physical skateboard-like peripheral. It was released in 1997, and a sequel was released by the name of Air Trix in 2001.


    Players control a skateboard peripheral left to right, along with being able to tilt the back of the board to perform tricks just like a real skateboard. Six different characters were available, each with either goofy or regular stances. Each stage has a 60 second time limit, with time bonuses scattered across the level, along with checkpoints that would extend time.

    Song Listing

    The entire soundtrack was made by Pennywise, and features the following songs:

    • Society
    • Wouldn't It Be Nice
    • Homesick
    • It's What You Do With It
    • Dying To Know
    • Searching
    • The Secret
    • Try To Conform
    • Peaceful Day
    • Perfect People

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