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I played the demo and liked the gameplay, far better than Top Spin 3. Although I did feel the presentation was a bit sparse. Reviews seemed pretty positive. If you have played the full game, what are your general impressions? 
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I'm really impressed with the game so far. I've played all the Top Spin games, and I feel like this one is easily the best. A lot of the mechanics feel much more balanced and well thought out. You're right, presentation and audio are a bit iffy, but the core gameplay is solid. I'd definitely recommend it.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! Virtua Tennis was ok, but I really like the idea of a more sim based tennis game, so it's been a bit of a wait. While I'm not feeling like its a "must buy" right now, I'll definetly have to keep an eye on it.
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@Osprey304: Though I'm an admittedly a pretty big Top Spin fan, I was NOT a fan of Top Spin 3. Introducing the new press and release system (w/out much help) made the game feel a bit broken. 
Top Spin 4 does a great job of providing a few new on screen identifiers to help you precisely time and aim your shots -- within a few days you'll be rolling along with too much issue.  
Coming to the net still feels a little wonky and the animations (while awesome -- they seem to model the pros to perfection) still tend to dominate gameplay, resulting in slight imprecision here and there. 
Definitely worth checking out. Add me if you want to get a game sometime on x360. -- cooncesean
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Appreciate the invite! I'll certainly take you up on it once I've got my game up. 
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Coming from Virtua Tennis 2009 to this the game feels a lot better on just about every level. Being more sim based there doesnt seem to be any "hidden" values so much that govern the game-play. In the end VT 2009 to me was spoiled by how the game hid so much information about your and opponents skills. Like coonce said, the animations rule the game play a bit, but not nearly as much as in VT games.


I do have hard time in recognising the timing on hits. But since I just got the game I presume this is something to learn over a longer perioid of time.

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Wow This game is awesome. Never though id get an authentic tennis experience like this. Something felt off about the previous top spins and virtua tennis isn't a tennis game as far as Im concerned and should be in the same category as NBA Jam in terms of its absurdity. When you time a perfect winner out of nowhere, it feels awesome. Career mode is great too and it make you work for the chance to play Federer and nadal in tournaments.

As a sports game  -10/10
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Top spin 4 is the closest  thing to Tennis, the gameplay is as authentic as you can imagine; slice will save from missing the ball, top spin will make your opponent get back on the baseline and flat shot will win most points. Of course there no mini games (maybe in the tutorial) just like real tennis. The tutorial tends to be a little harder than usual but is okay to have a challenge. As far I can tell,  Virtua Tennis 4 tends to be more about the minigames and less about the gameplay. Plus the career mode on TP 4 is more polished than in VT 4. The online mode tends to lag a little, hopefully this will get fixed with patches. The roaster is way better than any VT, the only players missing are Verdasco, Soderling and Ferrer. VT 4 has Del Potro, F. Gonzalez (why i don't know he has been of the tour for more than year and T. Haas is too old) and others.

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The gameplay is fantastic and the way the character creation is done it seems nearly impossible to make the "perfect" character since you only get a certain amount of points to spread across many categories.  The career mode is quite fun although I quickly got to the point where I was only playing Grand Slams and was a little disappointed since only the final two matches provide any real challenge regardless of the player (I assume the difficulty is just bumped up a level for these matches).  Still though, its great fun and pretty simple to pick up.  My girlfriend plays very few games but she was able to grasp some of the nuances quickly.  So if you've got a group of friends who may not have the patience or interest to spend too much time with the game, as long as you give them a shot they'll probably have some fun and provide a good challenge in a short time.

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It's really good. It's easier than Top Spin 3, but still has lots of stuff to make it difficult, and the character customization is well done now.

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