Oh Hey, I Guess Buying Cheap Shit On Steam Pays Off One Day...

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I got this game ages ago for less than fast-food meal.  I forgot how much it was but I'm 100% sure it was less than 5 bucks, might have been 2.50 if I remember correctly. 
Never really got around to playing it. 
Installed it on my MacBook Pro because I didn't feel like studying tonight and I was pissed the girl I'm dating went to bed early (she got morning class).  So, I made a new toon in her name, and used that fancy archer chick.  Only she got a gun within 5 minutes of playing. 
A gun in the right hand, and a pimp ass axe in the other hand. 
I never thought I'd play this game.  I also have about 30 other games I bought and never touched.  I swear, I'll get around to those too. 
Bottom Line - Buying cheap shit on Steam will pay off sooner or later.  It might look like you will never play it, but one day when you're really bored, hungry, lazy, and/or horny, the shit you buy on Steam will look at you straight in the face, and you will play the shit you bought.

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@KaosAngel said:
" and/or horny, "  
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#3 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
@shatteringlast said:
" @KaosAngel said:
" and/or horny, "  
 Yes. "
You've got issues.
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#4 Posted by BinaryDragon (792 posts) -

@KaosAngel said:

and/or horny

Yes! Been there, virtual high five to you!

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#5 Posted by ThunderSlash (2588 posts) -

Oh man I know what you mean. I was horny once, then I decided to boot up the Amnesia I got off of a sale half a year ago. I haven't been horny since!

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