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Torgal in Battle
Torgal in Battle

Torgal is the leader of the Athlum's Four Generals, which also comprises of comrades Blocter, Pagus and Emma Honeywell. Being of the race Sovani, which has a lifespan much linger than other species, he possesses much more knowledge and experience than the other generals. Coupled with his calm and collected demeanor, he is highly regarded by the much younger Lord David Nassau, and serves as both his right-hand man and advisors. However, his longevity can proved to be a bane too, as he is often somewhat emotionally detached from others.

Quest (The Sucessor)

When the player returns to Wrymskeep after the quest "When The Rose Blooms", he will be approached by Allan, an old friend of Torgal. Allan will need Torgal's help in eliminating the last of the Steel Syndicate .

Together with Allan, the player and Torgal manages to track down the Steel Syndicate members at the Gaslin Caves.

The quest structure is basically a race where the player must catch up to the syndicate members before they escape.

After catching up with them , the player will engage in a battle with 2 Syndicate members and the Syndicate leader himself.

After the quest, Allan will become recruitable at the guild.


  • Is 200 years old, according to the official game manual.
  • In the side quest "The Successor," Torgal and his compatriot mention that 80 years is like a minute to his kind.

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