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    Tornado Outbreak

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 29, 2009

    Play as a quick-witted natural disaster, and wreak havoc down below.

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    Formerly known as "Zephyr: Rise of the Elementals".


    Tornado Outbreak follows a group of Wind Warriors, led by Captain Nimbus. The Wind Warriors are superheroes (of sorts) that travel the universe creating stable atmospheres on otherwise lifeless planets. Players take on the role of a Wind Warrior named Zephyr, who has been hand-picked by Nimbus to take over the reigns of the group.

    The group comes across a creature named Omegaton, who was attacked (his six orbs of power stolen from him) by an evil association known as the Fire Flyers. The Wind Warriors pledge to help Omegaton retrieve his orbs by tracking down the Fire Flyers who have made their way to Earth.


    Tornado Outbreak’s gameplay is in line with that of Katamari Damacy, in that (as Zephyr), players are required to suck ordinary Earth objects into their funnel to grow in size. An added level of complexity is present in Tornado Outbreak, in that players must stay in the shade at all times (shade is created by an object called the L.O.A.D. STARR), as Wind Warriors will die under direct sunlight.

    Each level is split into five stages. The first three stages see Zephyr pillaging the landscape in search of hiding Fire Flyers (with the location of Fire Flyers being designated by an orange glow under objects). After collecting fifty Fire Flyers in each of these three stages, a totem appears from underground, surrounding a large object on the outskirts of the playing field (a skyscraper, mountain, hotel complex, etc. depending on the geographical location – Vegas, Britain, a theme park, and so on).

    The fourth stage of each level is a race of sorts, which sees Zephyr flying through vortex rings surrounding the totems. This creates a massive storm above the landscape, complete with moving clouds and patches of sunlight.

    In the fifth stage, players must navigate these moving clouds a la Frogger to reach the Totems so that they can be destroyed in a button-mashing mini-game, thus revealing one of Omegaton's orbs and unlocking the next level.


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