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Little is known of Torque's backstory. He was born in Baltimore and raised in Garvey's Children Home, where he met his future wife Carmen. They married and had two children together however they later divorced. Some time later his wife and children were murdered, and Torque was charged with their murder and sentenced to death by lethal injection. Torque has suffered from black outs his entire life, and he claims he blacked out at the time of his wife and children's death.

In The Suffering

After arriving at Abbott State Penitentiary on Carnate Island, Torque is escorted to his cell to await his sentence. However it doesn't take long before all hell breaks loose. Quakes shake the entire prison and strange creatures start killing every one in Torque's block. Torque's cell doors open, allowing him to escape and arm himself. Fighting his way through the prison, Torque learns about Carnate Island's horrifying past as well as what happened to his family during his black out. Ghosts from Abbott's past either help or hinder Torque, and human characters often need assistance to escape the island. The ghost of Dr. Killjoy, Abbott's former prison doctor, takes special interest in Torque and tries to cure him. Depending on the player's actions through the game, the mystery of Torque's family's death will be revealed in one of three endings.

Torque in creature form in The Suffering
Torque in creature form in The Suffering
The Creature

In The Suffering, after killing a certain amount of enemies, Torque can transform into a beast known as The Creature. To the player and Torque it looks like a large beast, with prison pants and a blade instead of an arm. In this form Torque is very strong and can dispatch of most enemies with ease. However, to all other characters, Torque doesn't look any different, he simply looks enraged. Dr. Killjoy links Torque's black outs with the appearance of this creature.

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