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    Torus Games Pty. Ltd.

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    An independent game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

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    Torus is a high-end cross platform AAA developer that has developed around 90 game titles across 21 different platforms.  The company is based in Melbourne, Australia and has been going since 1994.

    The company has worked with practically every major publisher and their games are of a consistent high quality. Torus has all of it's own in-house technology and tools and is able to develop titles rapidly while keeping costs under control and maintaining quality.

    Torus' recent titles include Shrek Racing, Monster Jam 1 & 2, and Scooby Doo: First Frights. The company, while continuing to develop under contract is also engaged in the creation of a number of original game titles including Little Monsters and Stunt Flyer.

    Torus is one of the pillars of the games industry and is one of the most reliable, honest and easy to work with developers in the world.


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