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Known as Appo-, he is one of the students who recently transferred to Eiden school. He is a good friend of Kazushi, Pierre, and Daigo. The four guys look up to Panchu as a big brother figure and deeply respects and fears Yagami.

Appo- is constantly looking for a girlfriend. He fell madly in love with the Principal and Mei on first sight. His wild behavior around girls make the girls uncomfortable around him.

On the first day, Appo- found a pair of girl's underwear. After the guys were admitted to the nurse's office from being beaten up by Yagami, Hu-sen and Rei reported to Mei that Rei's underwear was stolen. Appo- wrapped the underwear on Kazushi's head and Rei discovered it to be hers and beaten the guys up.

When Ran brought the guys to peep on Mei, Appo- attempted to take a picture of her. Kazushi realized that Mei had discovered them and he covered the camera's lens. The flash alerted the school's security system (plants that were brought to life using alchemy) and the group jumped out of the window.

During the first alchemy class, if Kazushi chose to partner with Mei, Appo- goes nuts because he wanted to partner with her. He slammed his head against the wall until he bled and Hu-sen spat on his head to heal the wound. The next day, the guys were inspired by alchemy and Appo- acted as a hero named Alchemy Man in the class with Sakura. Later, Hu-sen and Rei found them and decided to play along, much to Appo-'s dismay.

The following day, the girls requested the Kazushi, Pierre, and Daigo investigate a strange presence in the girl's dormitory. The guys discovered that it was Appo- who was sneaking around the girl's dormitory after midnight. Rei assumed that the guys were all in it together and beaten them up.

Some time later, the Principal announced a school cleaning day. The guys got along with the girls well. Hu-sen and Rei was at the alchemy laboratory and they accidentally set it on fire. Kazushi and Appo- decided to save the people in the lab without knowing who was inside. Appo- unknowingly saved Hu-sen and she fell in love with him, much to his dismay. The Principal decided to punish Hu-sen and Rei to clean the school but the guys took their responsibility instead.

Later, the group confronted Appo- regarding his feelings towards Hu-sen. Initially Appo- didn't like her, so the girls suggested that they went on a date. Appo- discovered that Hu-sen has already lost her virginity and he refused to accept her. Daigo then punched some sense into Appo- and explains the importance of a relationship. Appo- then confesses his feelings for Hu-sen and he officially became the first among them to have a girlfriend.

On Ran's path, Appo- and Hu-sen succeeded in producing silver from an alchemy experiment. Ran was then driven to produce gold with Kazushi.

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