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    Total Club Manager 2004

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 28, 2003

    Total Club Manager 2004 is a sports simulation game in which you are a manager in charge of a soccer club and you take your team game by game through up to ten seasons.

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    Total Club Manager 2004 was developed by Budcat Creations and published by EA. It is a football managing simulator, in it you can take control of a variety of different clubs located throughout Europe and Asia. The game features 1200 different teams from 32 leagues and 18,000 players. At the start of the game you choose what club you want to manage and you take over as manager at that club. Your responsibilities vary greatly at the club, you have to do many jobs including controlling ticket sales, keeping track of the clubs finances  as well as creating youth acadimies. The game also allows you to expand your stadium to capacitate more fans and generate more money.You can sign players to your team as well as sell your players to other teams. You pick the team you want to play fro each game and you want to have on your bench as substitutes, you pick your teams formation and assign players to their positions. Players contracts need to be managed,  you have to renew players contracts and keep them happy at the club so that they will stay, when you sign a player you have to negotiate their contract and if they aren't happy with the contract they will not join the club.

    During a game:

    Before a game you can place a bet of between £1000-£99,000 on your team winning the game. You have three ways to view the game, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, you can either skip the game and get the end result this means that you have no control on the game and the score is up to luck and probability, or you can watch the game and give your team instructions and make substitions, this however takes around 10 minutes as you have to watch the game being played, or, finally, if you have FIFA 2004 you can play the game as you would a FIFA game.

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