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Vague Memories

I remember playing this game back sometime in 1996.    At the time I had just bought a Playstation in order to play Final Fantasy 7 because the graphics looked wicked-sweet when I looked at GamePro.   That’s what you read back then if you owned anything other than a Super Nintendo or if you were like me and worked a lot in order to earn enough money for a Genesis.   That magazine was also good for 3D eye-candy.   The Playstation was the next system I bought with hard-earned lawn mowing cash.

As to the game itself, it came with the system when I bought it from some guy.   From what I remember the game play is very similar to Star Fox in that it the spaceship the player pilots is on a set path, but the ship can move around the screen.   You fly through a zone shooting enemies and avoiding fire and then you kill a boss.   The story had something to do with an alien race constructing a Sun Dagger to use on the Sun and wipe out humanity.   Maybe there was a justification for this action in the manual, I only had the disk and the case.   That unnecessarily large, very breakable, Saturn look-a-like case.   I never beat it.  

This is a game that drove home the message that fancy new graphics do not necessarily make for a better game.   I would not drop a lot of cash on eBay for this one unless you are trying to complete a collection.   (Or you want to go back and finally finish this launch title from your youth.)   Like I said, its Star Fox and maybe you can get power ups to shoot more bolts of light at polygons that look like Descent robots.   I don’t think you can save, it might have had passwords.   Or maybe the aforementioned guy just didn’t sell me a memory card.

I hope you found this review informative.

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