Cheapest pre-order digital download price

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Greenman gaming has it at $47.99. It comes with steam codes that you get right away for preloading.

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@sackmanjones: same with the link i provided, the codes are linked to your account

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apparently its possible to get it for $35 on a Portuguese site called Nuuvem similar type of site like GMG working for US users since even previous TW games didn't have regional locks on steam. i personally got my copy from Get Games so i cannot verify this option

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Nuveem seems to have implemented geo locks on most of their pre-orders now, FYI. It is a sad day, and I had only just discovered that site.

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I got it for 34 bucks, found a dude on total war center forums that was from Russia and trustworthy, games not region locked on steam so it can be gifted to overseas accounts.

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It's £29.99 on steam now if you didn't know. 33% off apparently.

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It's £29 on GMG, that's the cheapest you'll find from a reputable place I am sure.

Edit: Sadly that's only a single pound cheaper than a normal PC game, but whatever.

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45 AUD at ozgameshop.

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