Dogs attack during Rome II Col. Edition unboxing

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This might very well be the best yet dumbest unboxing video ever. Now for the record, I don't plan on getting the collector's edition personally because I can't afford it. However, I have to appreciate this intentionally stupid and funny way to advertise for this game that might go toe-to-toe with Divekick's marketing campaign. Two of Creative Assembly's employees try to unbox the collector's edition of Total War Rome II, but in the mean time wear these large suits and try to fight off and run away from these combat dogs that are chasing after these guys and gnaw on their suits. The dogs are suppose to resemble one of the units in the game, War Dogs, who will not hesitate to run and attack soldiers if ordered to do so. I would never expect Creative Assembly out of all developers to come up with such a brilliantly dumb marketing scheme, but these guys might of set a new bar for how unboxing ads should be. Wonder if @rorie will want this game now because of this ad?

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