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If anyone hasn't seen it already, The Creative Assembly has just released a new trailer called "The Unmaking of Carthage" where the developers describe all the work they put in to making the city of Carthage and we learn a few new things about what the game will offer. To not spoil much more, we do see a tester actually play Rome II if you want to see more gameplay footage and at the end of the trailer, we are treated to see the next faction that will be revealed! Also if you want to see more information, there is a link to another video at the end that goes even further about what the game has in store. Enjoy!  

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@MocBucket62: I saw that posted earlier but haven't actually watched it until now. So much hype for TW:R II unlike they've ever done before.

I guess it makes sense, though, since this is the successor to the game that pretty much put the franchise on the map. (My interest in the franchise all started with R:TW and I remember that engine actually being used for history channel shows and the like.)

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