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4.5 stars 4.5/5 Stars Average score of 8 user reviews spread across 3 releases and 6 DLC

Completely and utterly dope. 1

Playing Empire: Total War's at launch had me thinking: “Does Creative Assembly have any idea just what they got here?”The potential for something completely amazing was there. Under all the bugs and all the egregious AI problems, there existed a landmark title, where in some alternate universe, Creative Assembly tried to do everything and man, they pulled it all off. After an extensive line of patches, and the eventual release of Napoleon , I knew those Brits were capable. They just needed time...

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Twice the Shogun 0

Creative Assembly revisits the Sengoku period of Japan with Shogun 2: Total War. The game feels like an extension of their previous title Napoleon: Total War with the faster paced movement, morale effects, and some AI elements, but in the end delivers a fresh new Total War game you’d be more than happy to sink your teeth into. Gameplay Battlefield, or Huge Slumber Party? The heavy focus on melee troops will kind of throw you off if you have been playing a lot of Empire/Napoleon, but the same...

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Masterpeice 0

This game is very good. Easily the best strategy game of 2011 (and game imo).In it you command Japanese people and they fight other Japanese people. You win the game by fighting the mostest Japanese people and making your Japanese people the bestest. Overall, this is better than Mass Effect 3 imo....

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Total Bore. 0

The Total War series might have started off with Shogun but there was no reason to go back to that setting again.  The series has always increased the size of the map and added new elements to help fill it up.  At first glance you'll think the map in Shogun 2 is huge but it really isn't.  Even worse is that the east part of the island is made up of 4-5 huge sections and not broken up a bit more like the central part of the map.  Its cool that the campaign map has the new visuals and they look gr...

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I am Shogun! 1

There are few games that directly feed into ones respect for historical warfare, a self-diagnosed god complex and the undeniable romanticised bad-assery of Japanese Samurai. The slow methodical plate spinning map game married with the intense and tactical real time battles, create a juxtaposition that transforms a day bound in a dressing gown, into a stoic rule, one turn at a time.So far from home, the cold winters assail General Fujikto’s men, their morale has waned during this campaign, so muc...

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Banzai 0

Shogoun 2 Total war is as of yet the latest entry into the Total War series and its simply fantastic.This time we go back to the series origins ant yet again visit the the scene were it all began, the time of warring nations in Japan.And to say the least things have changed in the 11 years since when we last visited the period.While the core of the game is still the same, build up your provinces and recruit your army to take over more provinces, they have added all of the new mechanics introduce...

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Total War Shogun 2 Review: The age of the country at war 0

Shogun 2 is the latest in the total war series from Creative Assembly, and brings the series back to its roots in feudal Japan. You play as 1 of a selection of the great Japanese clans and battle to become the new Shogun of Japan. The game is set in a Japanese civil war, and each of the selectable clans have their own unique abilities and bonus traits. As an rts and total war game, there isnt really a story. What the game does provide is the tools to establish your own story. You have a Daimyo, ...

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A Historic Strategy Experience 0

The Total War series returns to its roots with the latest entry, a new game using the same setting as the original Total War game in 2000. It's been over a decade since that first release, and the Total War games have exploded in popularity since then. I'm happy to say that not only does the new game live up to modern expectations, but also does great tribute to it's Japanese setting and the original title that started the series.Battles are fantastic in both scale and intensityLike all the Tota...

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