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Totooria Helmold is the main protagonist in Atelier Totori where she seeks to attain an adventurer's license to find her mother, a famous adventurer who went missing years ago. Totori also took up alchemy after watching Rorolina Frixell perform alchemy at her house and became her first student. In Atelier Meruru, Totori serves as Meruru's alchemy master and assists her goal of developing the Als Kingdom with the use of alchemy.


Totori grew up in Alanya, a small seaside village by the ocean, with her father Guid and sister Cecilia. Her mother was one of the first adventurers when Arland institutionalized the adventurers initiative and became really famous for her findings throughout her travels. However, Totori's mother stopped sending messages and her father and sister fear the worst may have happened to her. Totori doesn't agree with her sister and father's thoughts and sets out to earn her adventurer's license in hopes that she can find her mother on her travels outside of Alanya.

When Gio and Lord Dessier agreed to merge the Arls Kingdom into the Arland Republic, Totori was asked on Rorona's behalf to go to Arls to assist them in their development project. Once she arrived in Arls, she met with Meruru, Arls' Princess, and accepted her request to become her alchemist teacher as Meruru plans to incorporate alchemy toward the Arls development project.


Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

Adventurer's License

The adventurer's license allows the player to access new areas once the player attains enough points to be promoted to a new rank. Players can accrue points by exploring areas, synthesizing, completing quests, and defeating monsters. When she earns enough points, she can upgrade her license by visiting Cordelia at the Adventurer's Guild where her license will promoted to a new rank. New ranks unlocks more areas for Totori to explore.

Exploration in an Area

In exploring the area, Totori can acquire ingredients from gathering them from specific gathering spots indicated by an icon over the spot. She can also battle enemies by coming into contact with the monster on the field and earn fist strike in battle if she successfully hits the monster with her alchemist staff. In certain areas, Totori can earn points toward her adventurer's license if she finds a unique structure in the explored area.


The player can recruit two friends into Totori's party to battle against monsters. When Totori's turn is up during battle, the player can select five commands to select from: attack, skills, items, defense, and escape.

  • Attack: Totori attacks the targeted monster with her alchemist staff.
  • Skills: Totori will perform a magical attack with her staff against one or a group of monsters. Her MP will be consumed whenever she performs her skill.
  • Items: Totori can use items in her basket in battle, which consists of offensive items that attack monsters or defensive items that restore HP, cure ailments to herself or to her teammate.
  • Defense: Totori will go into a defensive stance to mitigate all damage dealt by monsters who attack her.
  • Escape: Totori will attempt to escape from battle.

At the end of each victorious battle, Totori and her teammates will receive adventurer experience points, cole, and collect the desired items derived from battle.

Equipment and Clothes

Totori is equipped with an alchemist staff which she uses as a weapon during battle and wears special alchemist clothes that increases her particular personal stats.


Totori can perform synthesis by going up to the large cauldron in either her own workshop in Alanya or at Rorona's workshop in Arland. Each item details the required ingredients, days, MP, and alchemist level necessary to be synthesized. The player selects the desired ingredients required for the item and then the days and MPs are consumed during synthesis to process. If the synthesis is successful, the player can additional add additional traits at the end to improve the quality of the synthesized item. Totori can fail a synthesis if she does not have enough MP to process the item or if her alchemist level is too low for the item synthesis to work. All attempted syntheses results in experience points toward her alchemist level.

Front and Friend Quests

Totori can accept front quests from Gerard at Gerard's Bar in Alanya or from Filly Dee at the Adventurer's Guild in Arland. The player can request as many front quests from either person. Front quests typically consist of submitting a certain number of items or defeating a certain number of monsters. Most quests have a deadline date and must be submitted by the date for Totori to be awarded cole for completing the job.

Friends quests are special requests from one of Totori's friends where they request an item from her when the player reaches a particular friends level with them. Completing friends quests will trigger their flags which reveals more of that particular friend's story.


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