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To throw a dart,  players use the stylus to indicate where they would like the dart to land on the dartboard; then, with a flick of the wrist, players drag the stylus along the touchscreen, mimicking an actual dart-throwing motion. Where the initial touch selects the area the player intends to throw the dart, the final movement is meant to gauge the throw's power and direction.

Touch Darts offers four game modes: Tournament, Challenge, Quickplay and Multiplayer.

In Tournament mode, the player faces off against 20 different characters whose skill levels gradually increase. On top of this, the game has four levels of difficulty, ranging from Rookie to Professional. Throughout the tournament, players unlock new darts and trophies as they progress to bigger playing arenas.

Challenge mode includes 10 mini-games that involve non-traditional applications of the dartboard and the game of darts itself. Mini-games such as Killer or Round the Clock don't follow the traditional countdown of points, but are more focused on sequential precision targeting in order to complete the challenge.

Quickplay mode is simply a quicker way of starting a game of traditional darts, with no tournament rankings or achievements upon completion.


Touch Darts does not feature online play. The game's multiplayer modes are 2- to 4-player versions of the 1-player game modes and mini-games.

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