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    Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 15, 2009

    The 12th game in the Touhou Project.

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    Undefined Fantastic Object is the 12th game in the Touhou Project released on the Windows OS in 2009.


    Even before arrival of spring, a rumor began to spread that a treasure ship had been spotted in the sky above Gensokyo. Some considered it as a great luck and started to compete over the ship. However, there were black shadows chasing the girls at high speed behind the ship...


    Undefined Fantastic Object features 3 unique characters, each with 2 different bullet types. The player decides the character and bullet type to play at the beginning of the game:

    Reimu Hakurei

    Attack Type A (Concentrated attack type)

    • Shot: Persuasion Needle
    • Bomb: Wild Exorcism Dance

    Attack Type B (Anti-pattern focused homing type)

    • Shot: Homing Amulet
    • Bomb: Fantasy Seal

    Marisa Kirisame

    Attack Type A (If it's a treasure ship, there's gotta be treasure.)

    • Shot: Illusion Laser
    • Bomb: Master Spark

    Attack Type B (I'm very interested in this, whatever it is.)

    • Shot: Super Short-wave
    • Bomb: Ultimate Short-wave

    Sanae Kochiya

    Attack Type A (Just as Lady Kanako says.)

    • Shot: Sky Serpent
    • Bomb: Orochi of Ancient Times

    Attack Type B (Just as Lady Suwako says.)

    • Shot: Cobalt Spread
    • Bomb: Wily Toad



    Any damage dealt to any enemy, whether it be caused by your shots or your bombs, will cause your score to increase very slightly. Defeating enemies will give you slightly more points, but the points earned from this vary from hundreds to thousands of points per enemy. This is amount of points is very little, but defeated enemies release items for you to collect which is more important for scoring.

    Point Items

    Point items are the major source of points in the game. The higher up on the screen you collect them, the more points they give points, up to a defined maximum. Whenever you collect point items with their maximum value, they show the value in yellow text. The auto-item-collect line is the same height as the height where point items reach their maximum value. Unlike in the previous games, autocollected items don't lose their point worth if you leave the autocollect area before items contact your hitbox.

    The Point Items starting value depends on the chosen difficulty:

    - Easy: 5,000

    - Normal: 10,000

    - Hard: 20,000

    -Lunatic: 50,000

    The value of Point Items is increased by:

    • 1,000 points for each small UFO collected while there is a summoned UFO on the screen. Otherwise, they don't increase your points.
    • 10 points for every 10 graze.

    Power Items

    Whenever an enemy is defeated, they may release a power item. These increase your power gauge by 0.01. Power items collected at full power will give you 100 points.


    Some enemies have small green UFOs circling above them. These enemies drop a small UFO after you defeat them, some stage mid-bosses will drop 2 small UFOs after you defeat them during their final attack. The small UFOs fly around the screen, changing their colour between red, blue and green. There are two versions of them, blinking and non-blinking. The blinking UFOs change colours every few seconds, while the non-blinking ones will keep their original colour. The colours of the non-blinking UFOs' are not random, so the same enemies always drop the same specific coloured small UFOs.

    Collecting either three same-coloured UFO items or one UFO item of each colour will cause a large UFO enemy to appear on the screen. If you collect three same-coloured UFO items, a big UFO of that colour will be summoned, while collecting one of each colour will summon a flashing big UFO. If you have picked up two UFO items of the same colour and then pick up one with a different colour, the first item in the line will be replaced by the colour of the item you just picked up. If you have two UFOs, a UFO of the color that will result in summoning a large UFO will be surrounded by a flashing pentagon, so you will know what type to collect without having to look at the bottom-left corner. Each summoned UFO has a life bar and timer that shows how much you have time to defeat it before it leaves. At about two seconds left on the timer, the UFO will start leaving the screen. If the UFO leaves before you deafeat it, all the items it has sucked in will be lost. If the UFO is on the screen at same time with a boss, it will fly away even if there is time left, and in-game dialogues will make UFOs explode.

    All UFOs suck in the point and power items on the screen. A circle around the UFO show the score multiplier for the UFO. The multiplier increases by 3% for every item the UFO sucks in to a maximum of 100% (34 items needed to be sucked for the maximum multiplier).

    The multiplier ranges for the UFOs are:

    • 0 to 1 for Red UFOs
    • 0 to 2 for Green UFOs
    • 0 to 4 for Flashing UFOs
    • 0 to 8 for Blue UFOs

    Blue UFOs are potentially best for scoring. When defeated, they will drop a small UFO and give you points.

    Red UFOs are for life parts. When its multiplier circle is full, a red UFO will drop a life part. When defeated, it drop will a small UFO, a life part, and several power items.

    Green UFOs are for bomb parts. When its multiplier circle is full, a Green UFO will drop a full bomb. When defeated, it will drop a small UFO and a bomb part.

    Flashing UFOs change the items they suck in; power items will turn into point items and point items will turn into power items. When the multiplier circle is full, the Flashing UFO drops a small blinking UFO, and when defeated, it also drops a small blinking UFO.

    When defeated, a UFO provides a score bonus depending on how far the score multiplier is filled, following the formula below:

    - (Point items in UFO * Point item value at UFO destruction * multiplier)

    UFOs also clears some of enemy bullets on the screen when defeated, in a bomb-like fashion. The power of the explosion is based on how full the multiplier circle is.

    Spell Card Bonus

    Whenever a boss or mid-boss' Spell Card is defeated within the time lime, without dying or using bombs, the Spell Card bonus will be added to your total score. The Spell Card bonus decreases over time, so the faster you defeat the boss the more points you will get.

    The bonus starts at out at a value equal to:

    - (stage number * 2 million Difficulty level * 2 million)

    Difficulty level: Easy = 0, Normal = 1, Hard = 2, Lunatic = 3

    Clear Bonus

    At the end of each stage, you will be awarded with bonus points. The bonus is calculated like this:


    - 1,000,000 (Stage 1)

    -2,000,000 (Stage 2)

    - 3,000,000 (Stage 3)


    In Undefined Fantastic Object, every stage has different music, while every boss has their own theme. The translated name of each theme is provided below the original version:

    - Title Screen Theme


    A Shadow in the Blue Sky

    This is the title screen theme.

    Well, it's the same feeling as always.

    I tried to give it a particularly affected air.

    I want to look up at the sky while I'm walking, but I'm afraid people will think I'm weird, so I look straight ahead when I walk.

    - Stage 1 Theme


    At the End of the Spring

    The stage 1 theme.

    I wanted to start with something nice and casual, so this is how it came out.

    I guess bright songs just aren't that great for shooting games?

    Or so say people whose likes and tastes change at the time with their moods.

    It's so invigorating that it makes me want to fly out the window.

    - Stage 1 Boss: Nazrin's Theme


    A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander

    This is Nazrin's theme.

    Isn't the song boss-like? Never mind how she looks.

    Once, a long time ago, a mouse climbed into the kotatsu with me.

    It even bit me. The bleeding wouldn't stop, so I had to stay home from school.

    Mice are actually pretty strong, so they're dangerous. Never mind how they look.

    - Stage 2 Theme


    The Sealed Cloud Route

    This is the stage 2 theme.

    I tried to bring out a floating feeling the stage 1 theme didn't have.

    You're swimming through the clouds, where surely there are youkai.

    One imagines it must feel good, but it's probably really cold.

    Your clothes would probably freeze. I wonder if I'd have the guts to do it.

    - Stage 2 Boss: Kogasa Tatara's Theme


    Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever

    This is Kogasa Tarara's theme.

    Most people probably buy quite a few umbrellas over their lives.

    You forget them on trains, and you buy vinyl umbrellas when you're caught in sudden rain.

    Anyway, I wrote this song based on the image of a self-centered karakasa youkai who gets depressed easily despite her cheery nature.

    - Stage 3 theme


    Sky Ruin

    This is the stage 3 theme.

    I tried to evoke a cryptic atmosphere without losing the airiness.

    When it comes to floating in the sky, you really do think of Laputa - but I've already made that descent.

    So, when it comes to still think of Laputa.

    - Stage 3 Boss - Ichirin Kumoi and Unzan's theme


    The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl

    This is Ichirin Kumoi and Unzan's theme.

    Since they're pretty fun characters, I tried to make it fun and old-fashioned.

    It's really nice, sometimes silly and sometimes sentimental.

    Unzan is made out of clouds, so don't worry about it if more than two of him or four of his arms show up at once. Flash of insight!

    - Stage 4 Theme 幽霊客船の時空を越えた旅

    Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship

    This is the stage 4 theme.

    Aren't journeys great? I feel the most excited when I'm riding on a vessel.

    Even if it's the ship of the infamous ghost captain who sinks lots of other ships.

    I mixed anticipation and anxiety together as much as I could when making this song, trying to give it a sense of excitement.

    - Stage 4 Boss - Murasa Minamitsu's theme


    Captain Murasa

    This is Minamitsu Murasa's theme.

    Since she sinks lots of ships, she's a well-known ghost captain.

    I tried to give it a "captain" atmosphere, so it's a little too cool.

    Everyone calls her Murasa, but murasa is the name of a youkai, so they're not really calling her by name - surprise!

    - Stage 5 Theme


    Interior of an Underworld Provincial City

    This is the stage 5 theme.

    This is a song with irregular rhythms, but it's upbeat. Pretty Makai-ish.

    It gets pretty intense when you're listening to it with the sound effects from gameplay, so I hope you'll listen closely while playing.

    The name comes from the song having both a rural and an urban feel.

    - Stage 5 Boss - Shou Toramaru's Theme


    The Tiger-Patterned Vaisravana

    This is Shou Toramaru's theme.

    I gave this song a quiet, but strong feel. The second half is awfully boss-ish.

    It's a feeling of dignity rather than terror.

    Still, those lasers coming one after the other are pretty scary.

    They're old-man killers you need really good reflexes to dodge.

    - Final Stage Theme


    Universal Fire

    This is the stage 6 theme.

    A song with too much tension.

    The stage is short and not too hard, so I had to add to the tension.

    The heartbeats make you want to hurry, don't they?

    - Final Boss - Byakuren Hijiri's theme

    感情の摩天楼 〜 Cosmic Mind

    Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

    This is Byakuren Hijiri's theme.

    From the quiet heartbeat, suddenly it feels like the world is opening up.

    This is the theme of a last boss who is hard to tire out, probably.

    It's overall fairly melodiously Japanese, and I tried to make the melody of the main part like one of those songs where everyone's singing. Human, bare your feelings and GO!

    - Extra Stage Theme


    UFO Romance in the Night Sky

    This is the extra stage theme.

    Aren't UFOs cute?

    The extra is much different than the main stages, and this song is a cute send-off.

    I went for a pop feel for this song.

    UFOs are kind of pop-ish, after all.

    - Extra Boss - Nue Houjuu's Theme


    Heian Alien

    This is Nue Houjuu's theme.

    A vigorously youkai youkai song.

    It's a song with an old-fashioned, Japanese sense of terror and sorrow floating about.

    Isn't it really fitting for an EX boss?

    The mostly one-shot recording full of ad-libbing is also pretty EX-ish.

    - Ending Theme


    - Staff Roll Theme 空の帰り道 〜 Sky Dream

    This is the staff roll theme.

    It ended up being an arrangement of Emotional Skyscraper.

    This song has the feel of the quiet trip home after a journey.

    Oh, look up there~, there's a UFO in the night sky.


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