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Tower of Frozen Shadow
Tower of Frozen Shadow

The Tower of Frozen Shadow is a wretched place that often catches the eye of those just arriving to the continent. The tower stands high on the second island of the Icy Fingers in Iceclad Ocean, and the wicked treachery found inside is notorious for quickly ending many adventurer's endeavors into Velious. Inside the tower are countless atrocities including vampires, undead gnolls, spectres, festering hags, ghosts of once great and intelligent men, and one powerful mistress that controls them all. The tower consists of seven floors, each requiring a key to access. The entry level is full of twisted skeletons and undead gnolls. The second tier, known as the library, is haunted by the ghosts of many erudites, human, and dwarves. The third floor, known as the servant's quarters, will confuse even the best scouts, for it has many false walls and many shadowed men ready to attack. The fourth deck, known as the crypt, consists of a dizzying maze inhabited by mummies and oozes. The fifth level showcases an eerie wedding that even a necromancer would not wish to be a part of. The sixth level is divided into two parts separated by a magical mirror that does not require a key. And the top floor is where Mistress Tserrina Syl'Tor makes her home. She appears to be at least partially a dark elf but twisted in a grotesque way unlike any of Innoruuk's children. Defeating her will earn a master key that allows access to all the floors of the tower. Scaling the Tower of Frozen Shadow is indeed a feat to brag about, for few even attempt it, and fewer live to tell the tale.

Neighboring Zones


  • Tserrina Syl'Tor


Notable NPCs

  • Amontehepna
  • Cara Omica
  • Daman
  • Dark Huntress
  • Dusty Mummy
  • Frantic Bat
  • Head Golem Usher
  • The Head Usher
  • Incoherent Spirit
  • Librarian
  • Maggot Infested Flesh
  • Narmak Berreka
  • Nosja
  • Priest Majes Medory
  • Tserrina Syl`Tor
  • VhalSera
  • Zorglim the Dead

Notable Items

  • Abram's Axe of the Stoic
  • Beer Stained Coldain Tunic
  • Ceremonial Wedding Sword
  • Crystallized Shadow Armor
  • Crystallized Shadow Claymore
  • Crystallized Shadow Dagger
  • Crystallized Shadow Rapier
  • Crystallized Shadow Short Sword
  • Crystallized Shadow Spear
  • Crystallized Shadow Star
  • Crystallized Shadow Hammer
  • Diamond Wedding Band
  • Embalmers Skinning Knife
  • Finely Crafted Velium Ring
  • Frost Covered Tome
  • Frozen Crystalline Eye
  • Frozen Shadow Breastplate
  • Frozen Shadow Chain Chestguard
  • Frozen Shadow Guardian Necklace
  • Frozen Shadow Leather Chestguard
  • Frozen Shadow Necklace
  • Frozen Shadow Robe
  • Frozen Totem
  • Gnome Skin Armor
  • Harnessed Soul Gem
  • Laced Veil
  • Magnetic Dirk of Distraction
  • Rune Etched Wedding Band
  • Shadowbone Bracers
  • Shadowbone Dagger
  • Shadowbone Earring
  • Shadowbone Spear
  • Shield of Shadows
  • Sorcerous Bowl
  • Sparkling Soul Necklace
  • Stone of Power
  • Talisman of Vahl Sera
  • Totem of the Scholar
  • Tserrina's Staff
  • Tserrina's Symbol
  • Tserrina's Whip
  • Tserrina`s Robe
  • Velium Spiked Skull Helm
  • Vhal`Sera Skull Earring

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