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    Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1995

    A sequel to the first-person dungeon-crawler Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit, originally released for the Atari Falcon. It is best known as the only RPG released for the Atari Jaguar.

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    Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer is a high-fantasy first-person role-playing game developed and published by JV Enterprises (later JV Games) for the Atari Falcon sometime in 1995. It later received an Atari Jaguar release on December 10, 1996 and a Windows PC release on October 13, 1997, both published by Telegames.

    A direct sequel to the 1993 game Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit, Towers II continues the adventure of a band of adventurers (Gerand, Tasler, Merton, and Andros) in Lamini, the "Land of Towers", as they are now tasked with infiltrating the tower of the mad astronomer Lord Daggan.

    Unlike the first game, which was presented as a classic dungeon crawler (similar to Dungeon Master), this game features real-time free-roaming movement (similar to Ultima Underworld). It is known for being the only RPG released for the Jaguar during its lifespan.

    A handheld Game Boy Color adaptation of the game was planned, but unreleased. A prototype of this version was later discovered, revealing that it retains the classical movement of the previous game.

    The Jaguar version later received an enhanced re-release by the original development team, released by Songbird Productions on September 2023 as Towers II: Enhanced Stargazer Edition.


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