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    Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released February 1988

    One of the first extreme sports games released for consoles that included both surfing and skateboarding.

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    Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage is a NES game published by LJN for the US market, using the license of real-life surfboard manufacturer Town & Country Surf Design and specifically a collection of cartoon characters named "Da Boys" that the company used for their briefly popular t-shirt designs. Though the game has an American publisher and uses an American license (for an exclusively American market no less), LJN contracted the Japanese development studio Atlus to actually create the game, and they themselves took on Sanritsu to help complete the workload.

    The game is a combination skateboard/surfing game, where the goal of both modes is to successfully make it to the end of the event while scoring as many tricks as possible.


    There are two main modes: Street Skate Session and Big Wave Encounter. There's also an option to play both modes in alternating rounds.

    Street Skate Session is a side-scrolling event where the goal is to avoid obstacles on the road by steering up and down the screen (the event has a faux 3D depth to it in the same manner of beat-em-ups like Double Dragon) and either jumping with the board (an ollie) or leaping from the board and letting it roll underneath the obstacle while the character goes over it. Reaching the end of the course restarts the event with a slightly longer course. The playable characters for this event are Joe Cool and Tiki Man.

    Big Wave Encounter has the player control a surfer on the crest of a big wave. The goal is to complete as many tricks as possible by riding the wave up and jumping at its zenith, though the power of the wave will always push the player backwards while attempting this. Keeping ahead of the wave is necessary if the player doesn't want to fall off the board and lose a life. The playable characters for this event are Thrilla Gorilla and Kool Kat.

    Playable Characters

    Kool Kat

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    Tiki Man

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    Joe Cool

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    Thrilla Gorilla

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