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Manage the development of a city that houses the heroes that fight the baddies of the dungeon below. Make it attractive for heroes to come and fight off the baddies that otherwise invade your city. It was originally sold on Desura around the end of 2011 and has since been released through Steam's Greenlight. Towns is still in Beta versions.


The environments of Towns are composed of layered isometric grids. Currently players can begin a town on either a normal, desert, jungle, snow, or mixed map, with each type populated by different resources and dangerous creatures. In Towns the player is charged with managing the collective actions and resources of a small populations of civilians. The player cannot take control of or give orders to individual characters but rather designates zones of activity and assigns a global priority to each type of activity. Civilians will carry out these activities in between periods of rest and eating.


Civilians are the backbone of any successful town. They gather resources, craft items, build, eat, sleep, and fight. Civilians will perform actions based on the orders you designate and the global priorities you assign to specific tasks.


Soldiers are converted from civilians and provide the defensive base of a town. The behaviour of a soldier is determined by the specific task a player assigns to them from the following options: Guard - the soldier will rush to protect any civilian who is in immediate danger. If nobody is threatened they will simply idle about the town. Patrol - the soldier will pace a designated path, attacking and hostile creatures they encounter along the way. Supervisor - the soldier will motivate ordinary citizens, increasing their productivity to the detriment of their overall happiness


Heroes will arrive to explore the dungeons in the depths beneath a town. They will seek out treasure and slay any hostile creatures they encounter along the way. The number of heroes a town can support is determined by the town's population. A minimum population of 10 is needed to attract any heroes at all. Heroes will gain experience and level up as they explore, unlocking new abilities to aid them in combat. A high quality tavern and tavern rooms that meet special requirements will attract unique heroes and more advanced classes to a town. Heroes do not respond to player orders and do not contribute to a town's production.


Combat in Towns is governed by stats determined randomly when a creature is spawned. These stats are: Attack, Attack Turns, Defence Rating, Hit Points and Line of Sight. These stats can be improved by equipping better weapons and armour.

PC System Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 1.3
  • Hard Drive: 90 MB HD space

Mac System Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 1.3
  • Hard Drive: 13 MB HD space
  • Additional: The game needs Java 1.6 or higher

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