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    Toxxulia Forest

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    Toxxulia Forest is a dense forest at the heart of the continent of Odus. It separates the two opposing Erudite cities of Erudin and Paineel.

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    Toxxulia Forest
    Toxxulia Forest

    Toxxulia Forest gets its name from an ancient dragon that roamed these lands over 500 years ago. Now, it is where many Erudites begin to learn the ways of combat, but many find that they'd be better served by getting on the boat to Qeynos and venturing into Qeynos Hills to learn their craft. Toxxulia Forest is a dense, dark forest and Erudites have no enhanced vision, which makes the forest a struggle to even navigate. Most of the creatures in this forest are docile unless provoked, making the area relatively safe. But there are some ferocious kobolds that can quickly swarm young pupils from Erudin. Several azure huts are located near the city, which allow for adventurers to easily sell their loot before venturing back into the forest. At the southeast border of the forest, a set of massive wizard spires can be found signifying the presence of the Combine Empire here long ago. The spires offer an easy way for Erudin's wizards to return home with ease. Just north of the spires is an ancient druid ring, which allows druids to explore a continent they may otherwise never see. Across the river to the west lies Kerra Isle, and the dark city of Paineel rests to the south.

    Neighboring Zones

    With the release of The Buried Sea in February 2007, Kerra Isle became merged into Toxxulia Forest when the zone was revamped.


    Entrance to Erudin
    Entrance to Erudin
    • Craftkeepers
    • Crimson Hands
    • Dark Ones
    • Deepwater Knights
    • Gate Callers
    • High Council of Erudin
    • High Guard of Erudin
    • Karana Bandits
    • Merchants of Erudin
    • Shadowknights of Night Keep


    Kobold Camps
    Kobold Camps

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Parsini's HutBags
    Martyn Firechaser (Druid Ring)Druid Spells
    Rainsparkle's Enchanter SuppliesBooks, RobesBaking, Jewelry
    Tran Lilspin's Magician SuppliesBooks, RobesJewelry
    Islan Hetston's Wizard SuppliesBooks, RobesSmithing


    Notable NPCs

    Notable Items

    • Aglthin's Fishing Pole

    EverQuest II

    Toxxulia Forest
    Toxxulia Forest

    With the rediscovery of the continent of Odus, known now as The Sundered Frontier, after the Shattering, parts of Toxxulia Forest were found. The land itself is fractured and uneven, but a few landmarks from the Age of Turmoil still stand. Most notable of which is the druid ring.


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