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    Toy Compatibility

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    Some games directly interface with some sort of statuette or action figure in order to enhance the player's experience.

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    A plastic toy that included light sensors for his eyes, same technology for light guns, which looked at the TV and preformed basic movements such as open and closing his arms lowering his arms and turn his arms 360 degrees around. R.O.B was a stationary toy and used for only two games, Stack Up and Gyromite

    Skylander's Action Figures

    A series of collectible action figures which combined with NFC unlocked characters you can play as in every game of the Skylander's franchise. With each new game of the series, new action figures are created with a different hook to them. Skylander's Giant for example included a subset of larger action figures.

    Plush "Cool" Baby

    Included with the Babysitting Mama game. A plush/stuffed baby doll that the player used to interact with the included video game. It can be played with outside the video game just as much as one can play with any stuffed animal

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    Robot Dog

    Wappy Dog for the Nintendo DS included a dog the player interacted with during the gameplay. You take care of the dog toy while at home but also while you are away without the toy. Using the Nintendo DS you can transfer data between the game cart and the toy itself.


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