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Toy Soldiers a Surprise Attack of Fun 0

          World War I was incorrectly labeled as, “The War to End All Wars”, but rightly so. It was when all the various technologies emerging at the turn of the century suddenly became used for warfare and while history buffs might find that fact interesting, the soldiers in the trenches at the time, probably not so much. Toy Soldiers allows you to play from the standpoint of a war between World War I era toys. Taking up the mantle as either the Germans or the British forces, the game immedi...

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Toy Soldiers is a World War ONE themed tower defense game for anyone who used to or still does play with little green army men.  1200 Microsoft pointsArtstyle:First off the art style in this game I think is very well done it puts you on a  tabletop gaming board for your battles in which you can see lamps and paints hobby supplies on the borders. Similar to the army men games of old however the actual battle map is modeled after real WWI battlefields unlike army men.Getting new units feels like g...

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Toy Soldiers Review 0

Toy Soldiers is most basically put as a challenging and strategic tower defense game with some addons. It puts you in command of an army during WW1 either  the British or German forces. You have these land plates which are used for you to place your towers, to stop enemy forces from entering your toy box, if you outlast all the waves you win the match. It also allows you to take control of towers and manually destroy enemy units, this gives bonus damage and the ability to stack combos for extra ...

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Lack of bears makes it average 2

This is the videogame sequel to the 1980 novel "The Indian in the cupboard" written by Lynne Reid Banks. Nostalgia bros between the age of 25-35 will like this because it reminds them of the good old days before lego when you would buy those dumb plastic green soldiers and make them fight in your bedroom by yourself. People who are tricked into thinking this is an RTS will be disappointed when they play it and find out its actually another tower defense game. Except in this version of tower defe...

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Over There 0

 I love this game, and I guess have the love comes from my love of history particularity military and WWI. I'm not a huge fan of   tower defense but the WWI setting pulled me in a I do not regret it.   full review

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Historical Warfare on Your Tabletop 0

 Toy Soldiers is the first release from Bothell, Washington based Signal Studios. Featuring tower defense gameplay in which you relive major battles of WWI with toy soldiers on a table in someone's hobby room. When I say toy soldiers I mean vintage key wound tanks and little tin soldiers. It's an incredibly creative art style and it's instantly charming. Who knew that WWI's stationary warfare and the tower defense genre would blend together so well? Toy Soldiers takes the incredibly brutal trenc...

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Fine and dandy ol' chap! 0

Similar to the Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade program where a block of high profile Xbox Live Arcade games are released next to each other, the Spring season of 2010 has the Block Party containing such pieces as Perfect Dark and the tower-defense style game Toy Soldiers. Despite not being a fan of that genre, I gave Toy Soldiers a chance and in return was a really fun hybrid game. Set in a World War I themed diorama containing toy soldiers and vehicles inside a bedroom, the single player campaign ...

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Toy Soldiers Review 0

 By Craig H.  Toy Soldiers is a cleverly disguised tower defense game with a third person twist. This blend between the two styles is a fantastic mix and provides for a great hands-on strategy experience.The premise of Toy Soldiers is simple. Players must defeat waves of enemies and stop a pre-designated amount of enemies from entering their toy box. Artillery weapons can be bought and placed in specific locations on the map to aid your objective (i.e. kill everyone). For every enemy you kill yo...

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