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    Playable Damage Hero in Overwatch. A former British fighter pilot who became an agent of Overwatch after a test with a prototype jet fighter gave her the ability to manipulate her own time flow.

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    Lena Oxton, aka Tracer, is an offense hero from Overwatch as well as the cover art start. Tracer's ability to manipulate time gives her the ability to move quickly and reverse recent damage. A former member of Overwatch, Tracer now freelances as an adventurer.

    Hailing from the United Kingdom, Lena speaks with a version of a cockney accent. Her typical attire includes a brown bomber-style jacket with the Union Jack, an orange and brown flight suit and her chronal accelerator. The accelerator, a harness strapped around her torso with a bright blue core, is what keeps her grounded to the current time. She also uses two rapid-fire handguns, her Pulse Pistols.

    Tracer is voiced by Cara Theobold.


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